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As financial advisors ourselves, we understand the needs and issues of other professionals in our industry. There are many resources available to advisors, but in our opinion, very few offer well-thought-out advice and high-quality information that is of practical use. We believe we can do better.

Co-founded by Ken Gregory and Craig Litman, Litman Gregory is a nationally recognized boutique wealth management firm with over 30 years of experience helping clients reach their financial goals. From the start, our mission has been simple: Provide high-caliber financial and investment advice that is conflict-free, without the pressure to sell products or services that can be common in larger institutions. We provide investment management and wealth planning to high-net worth individuals, family groups, foundations, and endowments.

We draw on our expertise serving individuals, families, endowments, and foundation clients to offer investment professionals research and implementation strategies for their clients. We currently serve as a key research and portfolio implementation resource providing global asset allocation strategy and manager due diligence for more than 4,000 advisors and institutions. Our in-house investment research team guides our investment strategy based on long-term analysis and intellectually honest decision-making.


Our Services for Investment Professionals

Today, Litman Gregory offers three separate but related investment services to other professionals, each based on our core expertise of asset class research and manager due diligence:


Litman Gregory has a distinct perspective among investment strategists. While we have the intense research focus of an institutional firm, we have hands on experience managing money for individuals and families and we are mindful of the trust our clients place in us.

Beginning in 1996, Litman Gregory made its investment management services available to financial advisors through our partnerships with turnkey asset management platforms (TAMPs). TAMP platforms provide a range of services that encompass the entire investment process including investor profiling, trading and rebalancing, and client reporting.

The Litman Gregory Portfolio Strategies offer financial advisors access to globally diversified, risk-managed tactical portfolios that are based on Litman Gregory’s rigorous, independent research and disciplined investment process. We offer a range of model portfolios and implementation options that allow advisors to align the appropriate portfolio solution with their client’s investment goals, risk tolerance, and investment preferences—all in a simple turnkey solution.
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Through AdvisorIntelligence, Litman Gregory shares the proven investment strategy on which we have built our own wealth management business. We share our in-depth proprietary investment research and model portfolios, along with the high-quality client materials necessary to deliver advice with confidence.

Whether advisors are coming to us to fully outsource their investment decision-making or as a complement to their own work, our web-based service allows users to access and implement research, portfolios, and communications in a flexible way that meets the unique needs of their practice as they seek to build a scalable and sustainable business.
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PartnerSelect Funds

iM Global Partner also offers proprietary sub-advised mutual funds, the PartnerSelect FundsThe Funds invest in only the most compelling ideas from institutional-quality managers from around the globe who we believe possess a unique edge and who operate in asset classes that lend themselves to high active share and active management. We are responsible for sub-advisor due diligence and selection, day-to-day coordination with the sub-advisors, monitoring the individual performance and capabilities of the investment managers, and fund administration. Since 1987 the Litman Gregory team has researched, analyzed, and written about hundreds of investment teams and mutual funds and put their ideas to the test by designing and successfully investing in portfolios of funds. Drawing on insights gained from years of evaluating and analyzing mutual funds, iM Global Partner Fund Management, LLC is uniquely qualified to oversee the funds’ operations.
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Our People

We believe our most valuable assets are the people that make up Litman Gregory and the strong reputation for integrity and excellence that we have earned over the years in our relationships with clients, business associates, and the national financial media. Over the years our hiring philosophy has focused on finding intelligent people of high integrity with a passion for what we do, who share our values and have the skills and abilities to excel in their role. The resulting company culture and the people behind it are the foundation of our competitive advantage. Today, Litman Gregory is owned by fourteen principals—a team that includes our Senior Wealth Advisors, Research Analysts, and business leaders. This means the people who work most closely with our clients are also making key business decisions and setting firm-wide priorities. Meet the Litman Gregory team >


Litman Gregory Portfolio Strategies Sales and Research Consulting Team

Peter Sousa, CIMA®
Director – Portfolio Strategies

Email: peter.sousa@lgam.com

Phone: 925.253.5257

Aaron Havel
Associate – Sales Operations Coordinator


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